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Welcome the Week/end

We recently added to the wonderful collection of our AVATAR » line at the shop, with something that has always been close to Cebuanos’ (and those who visit Cebu) hearts: conservation of marine life. Surrounded by water, the Creative Capital of the Philippines is an island that is surrounded by waters teeming with diverse underwater ecosystems. The sea holds a dear space in every Cebuano heart, and bonding isn’t quite the same without a trip to the beach or cutting the waves with a rented katig; or, for the adventurous, a deep dive and sweep of the coral-rich parameters of the Visayan shelf.

The MOD—short for Maximum Operating Depth—series is sustainably-sourced Gemelina wood, handcrafted by local Samboan Province (Cebu) artisans. The specific species that is the subject of their project range are endemic to the seas in the Visayas, bringing awareness and appreciation…with the end goal of active conservation.

Just keep swimmin'

Two threshers (orange, background, and white, right) and a black-tip (in this case, a green-tip) “swim” around at the bottom of a Co-Creative Studios’ stonecast starfish dish planter.

Thresher sharks in particular are a draw for divers both in the north and south side of the island, who are giving back by urging conservation of the species, which too often bear the brunt of sometimes unlawful, often uninformed fishing practices.

The simple yet sleek designs emphasise two very important things: the masterful command of our local artisans of wood through traditional woodcarving (handed down through generations), and the natural geometry of marine fauna. A bright stripe of colour makes it very modern and a perfect eyecatcher for an all-wood tabletop arrangement.


A blacktip shark with yellow stripe, in Gemilina wood.

HoliCOW carries these beautiful creatures in-shop at limited numbers starting this week. For more information, call us on our landline, or email us to get to know more about the designer, the initiative that births these items, or links to efforts concerned with marine wildlife. 10% of all MOD purchases go back to shark conservation efforts in Malapascua island, in partnership with the Rebuild Malapascua Foundation.