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Every piece tells a story. Not just about Filipino craftsmanship, but also everything we do to replenish the people and environment around us. HoliCOW embraces the challenge to think differently and create responsibly. We are passionate about perpetuating artisan tradition in a modern, sustainable world. Below are our key sustainability criteria.

Philippine Creative Capital

The Central Visayas is recognized as the creative hub of the Philippines.  Cebu, in particular, is recognised as the Creative Capital of the Philippines, endorsed by the British Council of the Philippines and South East Asia. Local manufacturers are known for their superior design capabilities and craftsmanship. In addition, the Philippines has enormous resources of indigenous materials, which play a vital role in the concept of sustainable design. The region steadily brings in a substantial percentage share of the Philippines’ export sales of furniture, interior and other design articles.  It also supplies the local market’s increasing demand for Filipino creative products. Since 2014, Cebu has proudly represented the Philippines in the international forums of the Southeast Asian Creative Cities Network, sharing information and promoting projects between constituents of her sister-cities from Thailand (Chiang Mai), Indonesia (Bandung and Bali), and Malaysia (Penang). Following this, the creative networks of Cebu have turned their sights towards a more holistic, uplifting environment.  

What We Do

It is against the creative environment of Central Visayas that a consortium of all stakeholders involved within this value chain founded the Holistic Coalition of the Willing or HoliCOW. It is a voluntary approach that obliges HoliCOW members to provide transparency about products throughout all stages among all who are involved. That can be, for instance: a people’s organization that harvests the material; a micro enterprise that treats and processes raw materials; a small enterprise that makes simple products or semi-processed products; and other small and medium enterprises that produce creative goods in compliance with export market criteria. A product shall be related not only to its story, but shall also be traced with regard to the process behind its manufacture. The process itself is defined and shall relate to national and international criteria on quality, social, environmental, and fair trade requirements.
Downloadable Files:
AFOS Sustainability Questionnaire (final 09.14)
3 Policy of the Holistic Coalition of the Willing (25.08.14)_2  

Who we work with

The HoliCow has been developed with the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation and AFOS Foundation. They help and support local organizations and companies to establish a new, progressive and flexible image to match the requirements of sustainable production and consumption in the creative sector of the Visayas.