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A scrambling fern. Rhizome slender, creeping with hairy apex. Stipe .6 cm or more in diameter, smooth, shiny, blackish brown, turning light brown when dried. Fronds dichotomously branching with all except the ultimate forks bearing axillary dormant buds; ultimate branches about 30 cm long and 12 cm broad, deeply pinnatifid. Sori on acroscopic branch of the vein-group, with 7-20 sporangia, without parapphyses. Spores trilete.


Distribution: Widely distributed in the Philippines, but very difficult to cultivate/domesticate. Growing abundantly along forest borders and disturbed, semi-exposed forested areas, frequently forming very dense tangles at 200-1100 meter altitudes. Abundant in the areas of Negros Oriental, Surigao del Sur and Bohol.