Holicow - Holistic Coalition


Meet the roster of world-class furnishing designers that comprise the Holistic Coalition.

  • Bunso Cloth Dolls


    Bunso (which means “youngest” in Tagalog) is a craft manufacturer of artistic cloth dolls. All of our products are hand-made by needlewomen and painting artists from Cebu, with the primary goals of promoting  Philippine culture and tradition, and helping mothers of large families care for their children while working from home. 

  • Co-Creative Studio logo

    Co-Creative Studio

    Co-Creative Studio is a Design, Market and Community oriented brand that hopes to inspire and initiate an appreciation for Filipino Design. We push innovations with our Natural Material and to enhance and exercise Local Craft, while paving way for creative collaborations with clients and other aspiring designers.  


    Debbie Palao

    Organic but modern, continuously evolving, influenced by grace and transparency. Distinctly Asian in sense, a very strong 侘び寂び (WABI-SABI, Japanese thought of appreciating something in its natural state) spirit underlying the taste. A Debbie is not formulated, as each design is different and unique, but carries the full body of art for a function.

  • Detalia Aurora Logo_resized

    Detalia Aurora Inc.

    Detalia Aurora, Inc. is a company dedicated to creating world class furniture combining modern technology, traditional Filipino craftsmanship, the artistry of talented designers, and the innovative use of indigenous materials to produce contemporary style products of the finest quality.

  • Floreia


    Floreia believes that individual style transcends fashion trends. One-of-a-kind pieces, made with love and carefully crafted by skilled artisans, every component is made using sustainable materials and patented process, Nucast™ and Naturescast™.

  • Hacienda Crafts_logo_400x400

    Hacienda Crafts

    Founded in the early 1990s in Central Philippines, HACIENDA CRAFTS taps Negros Island artistry and sustainable natural materials to create distinctive high-end lamps, furniture, and furnishings. Their hand-crafted designs go beyond borders of culture and taste. Using indigenous weaving techniques, HACIENDA CRAFTS breathes warmth and rustic charm into every contemporary living space.  

  • Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 17.02.01

    Neil Felipp

    One of Neil Felipp’s philosophies is to find beauty in the most ordinary of things. From there, his design process takes place to incorporate what is necessary to capture that beauty and make into a product—be it a minaudiere, or collections of fine jewellry. 

  • Obra Cebuana

    Obra Cebuana

    Nestled in Cebu, the furniture capital of the Philippines, Obra Cebuana, Inc. produce furniture and complimenting accessories that are innovative and distinct, yet functional. Furnishings combinations can be adapted to any decorating style, retaining that Cebuano touch.  Established in 1990, Obra Cebuana, Inc. now ships its products to all corners of the globe.

  • Pacific Traders

    Pacific Traders

    ​It all started with rattan, a small tool, a candlestick and a wise man’s vision. In 1973, Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corporation was brought to life and with it came jobs, talent, creativity, style and success.  PTMC is home to a variety of furniture material including rattan, metal, wood, foundry and more.