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Coconut is a tall palm reaching a height of 25 m. Its stout trunk is marked with a ring-like scars, and its base is thickened. The leaves are 4-5.5 m long, crowded at the end of the trunk. The leaf stalks are bulky, 1 meter or more in length. The leaflets are numerous, leathery in texture, shaped like a long lanceheads, gradually tapering to a sharp point, and measure up to 1 meter in length. The flower cluster is 1 m long or less. The fruit is variable in shape and size, ranging from egg-shaped to almost round, 15-25 cm long.

Cocowood is the processed stem fibre of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). The outer, higher density stem fibre has properties similar to many hardwood ti mbers and is suitable for high value flooring products. Color: ranges from medium to dark brown withprominent, darker, quill-like streaks. Tested, untreated cocowood had limited natural durability, suggesting it cannot be used in weather-exposed conditions (Keating & Bolza, 1982). However, above-ground durability greater than 10 years has been observed for higher density boards.

Cocobeads are coming from shell or endocarp of the coconut fruit. Natural color: ranges from medium to dark brown. Among the parts of the coconut used are twigs, midribs, husks and cocoshells.


Distribution: Throughout the Philippines