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JARRA x HoliCOW (postscript)

Bedazzled. Bespoke. Beautiful. 


We thank you for being a massive part of making the launch of JARRA jewellery a success! As with all HoliCOW productions, we like to emphasise collaboration with our co-branding events, as we firmly believe in it being key to fostering healthy design relationships. JARRA would not have been possible without the visual styling of Neil Felipp x David Jones Cua, the scrumptious all-afternoon buffet by Café Sareé, photography by Rainbowfish Photography, and Twenty Oh-Four‘s printing prowess.

With stories surrounding the premiere collection centring around the iconic Copacabana and its flamboyant, free lifestyle, the single-central pedestal setup was carpeted with smooth, small river stones with the jewel stands embedded in between, emphasising the beautiful cuts of her pieces.

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The Holistic Coalition keeps its space open to aspiring Cebuano entrepreneurs, or any start-up whose values intersect with ours: sustainability, traceability, and community relations. Look out for our future events, and do drop by to catch our exclusive and elusive rotating collections.