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A large tree with a height of 30-40 m. A deciduous tree that sheds its leaves during summer. Leaves are pinnate, smooth and shiny. Flowers are in panicles. Fruits are in large and conical, light chestnut brown pods, 1-2 cm in diameter, 2-6 cm long which split open when ripe. The heartwood is reddish or pinkish, the colour darkening with age to a deep red or brown, distinctly demarcated from the usually yellowish sapwood, which is up to 40 mm wide. The grain is interlocked, sometimes straight, texture fine to moderately coarse. The surfaces are glossy, with golden lustre, and the wood is often nicely figured because of irregular grain. Big-leaved mahogany wood is a medium-weight wood.


Distribution: A native to Peru and Brazil and in Central America, it was introduced in the Philippines in 1914. Disributed all over the Philippines.