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A large tree which grows up to 40 m high. It has a dense, drooping crown.¬†Wood. The timber varies in color from yellowish-brown to golden-brown through to red-brown or sometimes a blood red color. The darker colored (reddish) woods are much denser and stronger than the paler colored yellowish-brown woods.Produces a beautifully figured wood enhanced by the presence of ‘ripple-marks’ and its ring-porous wood structure. A ribbon or banded figure is apparent on quarter-sawn faces and a cathedral-like figure on back-sawn faces. The grain is usually interlocked but not severely so; sometimes wavy. It has a pleasant, persistent, fragrant odor.

Distribution Grows throughout the Philippines and attains commercial size anywhere. A fairly large number are found in Cagayan, Mindoro, Palawan, Agusan and Cotabato.