Holicow - Holistic Coalition

A deciduous tree, typically 30-40 m tall, though usually 15-25 m tall in cultivation, with a leafy crown. The trunk is cylindrical, but frequently swollen towards the base, and the bark is pale to dark brown with a smooth surface and the inner bark pale brown with abundant white or cream coloured latex. The leaves are in spirals and with three leaflets. The flowers are small with no petals, bright or cream-yellow in colour and extremely pungent.They are either male or female but both are found in the same inflorescence. The fruit is an exploding 3-lobed capsule. Wood. Color: white to cream pale brown; Grain: Straight wavy interlocked; Texture: Medium to fine: Luster: nedium; Durability: Susceptible to attack from powder post (Lyctid & Bostrychid) beetles. Heartwood is susceptible to wood staining fungal attack, Susceptible to attack from termites (Isoptera) Perishable, Non durable.