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Extremely variable slender to very slender clustering rattan, sometimes forming low thickets, scarcely 2 m tall, sometimes climbing to 10 m or more. Stems without sheaths 2-6 mm in diameter, with internodes up to 30 cm, usually less. Sheaths bright green when fresh, frequently tinged reddish, slightly longitudinally striate with very variable armature, varying from sheaths to sheaths densely covered with small horizontal spines. Spines are sometimes very fine, sometimes triangular, rarely exceeding 5 mm. Knee present. Leaf ecirrate, very variable in form, but in adult leaves always with terminal flagellum formed by two apical leaflets joined along at least ¾ length. Lowest pair of leaflets frequently convex and swept back across the stem enclosing a chamber sometimes ant-infested. Number of leaflets varying from 4 to 10 on each of the rachis, usually irregularly grouped. Ripe fruit ovate to rounded to 1.2 mm long by 8.12 mm wide, covered in pale greenish white scales in 15 to 21 vertical rows. Seeds somewhat angular.

Distribution: Caraga