Holicow - Holistic Coalition

200 mm long and 35 mm broad. Very high-spired with eighteen whorls. Early whorls have narrow radial ribs and spiral ridges. Ridges disappearfirst, about six whorls from the base, the ribs three whorls later. Last three whorls are smooth apart from fine growth striae and spiral grooves on base of the body whorl. Very long, narrow, delicate siphonal canal. Lip has five, finger-like projections outlined by a low ridge which forms a half circle on penultimate whorl and disappears at other end on siphonal canal. Columella with tooth posteriorly and callus extending under curved end of the ridge, together forming anal canal. Horny, leaf-shaped opeculum. Shiny tan-fawn, lighter at apex; ridge on the fingers red-brown.


Distribution: Visayan Sea, Bantayan Island