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A large, prominently buttressed. Bark usually fissured, flaky . Stipules caducous , large or small; leaf blade ± leathery, tertiary veins parallel, margin entire. Flowers in axillary or terminal lax cymose panicles; bracts persistent, caducous, or absent. Sepals with 3 outer larger than 2 inner. Petals white, yellow, or pink, usually pubescent. Stamens (12-) 15 or 20-100; anthers ovoid, oblong, or panduriform; connective subulate-cuspidate or stout, club-shaped; valves equal or outer one slightly larger. Ovary ovoid, pubescent; style subulate ; stigma entire or 3-toothed. Fruit usually 1-seeded, closely surrounded by thickened bases of accrescent calyx segments; sepals developed into lorate wings, outer 3 much larger than 2 inner.

Wood. Color: Yellow to golden red; Grain: deeply interlocked; Texture: Fine and even; Durability: heartwood is naturally durable, but the sapwood is liable to fungal infestation


Distribution: Mt Mayon & Mindanao, Ilocos, abra, benguet. Bintoc, nueva ecija, bulacan, quezon, bataan, rizal, laguna, batangas, bicol, sorsogon, Mindanao